When you watch the game of tennis you can appreciate the power and strength players today have. On top of that, factor in the fact that matches can last anywhere from 30 minutes to over 5 hours, and you quickly realize that tennis players have to have extrordinary fitness, power and endurance. A properly designed strength and conditioning program can help any player elevate his or her game to a new level.

A tennis training program must be based on solid aerobic endurance to sustain a high work rate for the duration of a game that may last several hours. Anaerobic endurance is also an essential component so that power over each rally, and in each shot within a rally can be maintained to same high level.

A balanced tennis training program should help to prevent injury and over training. For example, a preventative program of wrist extensor strengthening and stretching exercises can help to prevent tennis elbow. Specific exercises can also be prescribed to reduce the risk of rotator cuff damage.

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