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Group Fitness

More than just workout classes, fitness classes at Odyssey are experiences. Created and developed by the industry’s best minds. Taught by superstars who inspire and ignite. In specially designed studios and pristine spaces. Via Group Fitness, Odyssey works to craft a suite of destination experiences that bring results through innovation.

Health Club

Unrivaled fitness classes. Unparalleled personal training. Studios that inspire you to perform and luxury amenities that keep you at your peak. It’s more than a health club. It’s an Odyssey.

Personal Training

You can, and you will. With the right personal trainer, you’re partners in the impossible. Together you break records, tear down walls, and unlock the extraordinary. Stronger, leaner, faster—whatever your goals, we use real human match-making to connect you with the perfect personal trainer. Because when you meet the right person, the results can be epic.

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Technogym Kinesis & Stretch

Unlimited functional training possibilities translate into tangible benefits in terms of specific everyday movement skills. They can help in the prevention of back pain, by stretching the anterior muscles of the trunk and lower limbs.

Far Infrared Sauna

Benefits include Detoxification. Infrared saunas can help increase blood circulation and stimulate the sweat glands, releasing built-up toxins in the body. Stress and fatigue reduction. Muscle aches, arthritis and joint pain. Weight loss and increased metabolism. Immune system support. Skin conditions. Heart health. Appearance of cellulite.

DKN Whole Body Vibration

WBV increases repair and regeneration hormone levels by stimulating the nervous and skeletal systems which triggers increased production and secretion of endorphins, serotonin, neurotrophin and human growth hormone just to name a few.

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What our clients say

Absolutely by far the best gym on the island! I was looking for a gym while on vacation and came across Odyssey Health Club. From the moment I walked in the door I knew this a fantastic gym. The service was unlike any other gym I've ever attended, including my home gym. The owner showed me around the facility and made sure I comfortable in the gym. Definitely going back next year while on vacation!

Zach Maxwell

I have been a member for 2 years and this health club has been extremely pleasant and welcoming. Kevin and his parents are incredible owners and hosts and their staff/personal trainers are knowledgeable, friendly and will always make you feel like you are part of the team! Two thumbs up!

Fab Pampa

This Health Club is a rare find! Weather your enjoying a visit or a resident on the island this is the place to go. You can stop in for a workout, attend one of the classes and / or workout with a personal trainer. The owners have a keen sense of the character and quality of the personal trainers they bring on board and will pair you up with one who can meet your fitness (wellness) needs. This Health Club is very spacious, well layed out; including a separate room for stretching. The clientele is pleasant, too.

Gina D

Although my husband and I spend only 3-4 months of the winter in Hilton Head, we were able to become members of Odyssey. In fact, when we joined 4 years ago, we were warmly welcomed, not only by owners Kevin and Sally, but by other members. Odyssey is an immaculately clean gym that offers personal training as well as classes. If you want to be left alone to do your own workout, you can certainly do that as well. I have noticed that every year some equipment has been updated and the machines are kept in excellent working order. The best thing about Odyssey is the knowledgeable staff. You can learn a lot just by listening to trainers working with clients. Kevin has an amazing understanding of how the body works and he is so good at offering advice and tips on exercising efficiently and dealing with injuries. A great place to get fit!

Shirley Clarke


At Odyssey we believe in helping every member achieve their individual goals by providing an exclusive holistic experience, not helping individuals based on membership type. Therefore; at Odyssey, all memberships include all services, classes and amenities. At Odyssey you can expect a better experience with a more hands on approach focusing on helping the individual member learn how to exercise safely and effectively. There are other cheaper “gyms” out there, but only at Odyssey will you receive the private one on one experience of a Health Club focused on individual success.


Monday thru Thursday 7am - 7pm
Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm

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About us

Odyssey Health Club is an exclusive Health Club on Hilton Head Island dedicated to improving the Quality of Life for ALL of their members. Odyssey is a Health Club focused on each members individual fitness goals in a private state of the art setting. Our equipment and experience are second to none using Life Fitness Signature Circuits, Extensive Cardio with individual TV’s, Hammer Strength Free Weights, unique equipment like the Kinesis One and Whole Body Vibration, Small Group Fitness Classes and Guidance from former professional athletes; Odyssey Health Club is more than just another “gym”.  A Clean, Comfortable and Friendly environment allows Odyssey to address the needs of every member from Elite Athletes in training to those members who need to lower their Blood Pressure and Cholesterol.  Experience the Journey to Health and Wellness at Odyssey Health Club!